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Gem and Jewellery for Neutral Skin Ton

Identification of neutral skin tone is a very recent phenomenon. Earlier it was understood that there were two broad divisions of skin tone into warm and cool categories. As research and analysis unearthed the new segment of neutral skin tone, it has also led to the search for appropriate gem & jewellery that could enhance glamour of those who have such neutral skin tone. This blog post is just about that.

By now you are well aware that skin colour is the external overtone and skin tone is the internal tone lying underneath. For this reason skin tone is alternatively referred to as “under tone”. You can do a small test to check whether you have got neutral skin tone. Look at the vein in your wrist, if it is neither exactly green nor blue then you have neutral skin tone. Consequently, neutral skin tone is further tweaked into leaning either towards warm segment or cool segment. Hence, it is surmised that, neutral skin tone is best accentuated with lighter tint of both warm and cool colours. Rose colour is the key test for you to confirm whether you have neutral skin tone or not. Just hold a piece of rose gold jewellery close to the wrist. If the wrist glows unexceptionally bright then you definitely have neutral skin tone.

Metals for jewellery: Apart from rose gold, presumably any alloy of gold with silver is a better choice for you. Gold finished, gold plated, rolled gold and gold filled silver jewellery is next in importance. Jewellery made from space age metals such as Niobium, Tantalum and Zirconium are recommended for that bright, polished and shiny look for you.

Gems: Colourless gemstone and diamonds are friends for you forever. Cosmic gems of blue-green combination such as Turquoise give fascinating glow to your neutral skin tone often enhancing your beauty and appearance. Opal, Moonstone, Topaz and Zircon are next in line. Ametrine, Alexandrite, Azurite and Agate are also flagged for your attention in the multi-coloured segment of gems & crystals. An interesting gemstone that cannot be ignored is brilliantly hued Spectoralite.

When you combine the above gems & metals you are ready to generate groundswell of cosmics, a kind of energy keeping you rejuvenated day and night. Undoubtedly for a neutral skin tone person this cosmics have two roles: one is to act as supply source of energy, the other, as you rightly guessed is to bring out the best in you in terms of smoother skin and remarkable and enticing aura. Of course, it begs the question as to how to choose the right gems & metals combination for you.

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