Friday, 24 February 2017

Cut out that dismissive attitude

One of the key drawbacks you must remove, if you wish to progress in life and career is the dismissive attitude that you show towards other people. Often dismissive attitude costs a lot in terms of lost opportunities and the pain and anguish caused to the other person and not to mention the regret and remorse that you feel thereafter. Here are few salience for your purview:
Dismissive attitude is defined as showing indifference or disregard to a person or what he is trying to communicate. Ostensibly, there are two limbs in dismissive attitude: one is that the person himself is dismissed as of no use and the other is what he says is just crap. In a typical situation you have both limbs together. In rest of the cases either you like the person but not what he says or you are agreeable to what he says but do not like the person himself.
Building blocks of dismissive attitude consist, but not limited to, the following bricks and mortar in the mind of persons:

1.         You are always wrong and I am not going to listen to your blabber
2.         I know better that what you know
3.         What you say is not important / not urgent / not relevant to the subject matter under discussion
4.         What you say is not valid and useful
5.         What you say means lot to you but nothing to me
6.         I am not prepared to consider you or your statement right now
7.         You are persona non-grata for me so just get lost.

Underlying issues
There are active and passive issues that underlie in a person who exhibits dismissive attitude. Superiority complex is the key active issue that causes this attitude developing in many. Being superior in terms of birth, upbringing, education, career, wealth and so on propel people to adopt dismissive attitude. Second active issue that underlies a dismissive person is the fear that runs through his spine that he can be beaten or overtaken by the other person.
A number of passive issues are traced behind someone displaying dismissive attitude. An important one is the idea that by not-contesting what the other person says would pass into oblivion. Concomitant to this aspect, is the intention on the part of dismissive person that the other person has no role to play at all and the door must be shut on his face.
Cutting out dismissive attitude is easily said than done. It will take lot of effort on the part of the person with this attitude to change over the time. Moreover he needs guidance and correction from a neutral and external adviser under whose care he has to perform remedial measures. A cosmic analysis must be made on the body, mind and spirit, before implementing any remedial programme to ensure that it results in success.
Muthu Ashraff
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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Who can antagonise Lord Saturn?

Absolutely nobody can confront the mighty lord of Planet Saturn and survive for long. Here follows the myth of the Planet Saturn who was disrespected by a mighty king whom the punishment was severe.
The myth
According to the myth in Ramayana, Ravana the King of Ceylon conquered the nine celestial planets and installed them face downward over the nine steps leading to his throne. He relished in stepping on their back as he ascend to and descend from his throne daily. One day Narada the celestial stage came to visit him and saw what is happening. He quietly inquired from the Planet Saturn why he is suffering this type of insult. Lord Saturn replied that since he is lying face downward he cannot gaze on Ravana to pass a curse. Meantime, Ravana hosting Narada asked him what he thinks about his throne. Narada immediately suggested that it would be better for Ravana to install the nine planets face upwards so that he can relish more in punishing them. Ravana exactly did that and the first moment he set foot on the face of Shani Bhagwan, a malicious stare was made on Ravana. That flagged off seven and half years of Shani Dasha (Period) during which Ravana, his family and the kingdom of Ceylon perished from the earth.
The lessons
First lesson you learn is that you just cannot disrespect Lord Saturn under any circumstances and nether you can ignore him at any time which is the second lesson. Before you start anything you must ask yourself how Lord Saturn would view it and play out. If you fail to consider the effects of Shani then you are exposing yourself to great risks. These risks can be identified as delay and trouble you face while performing the task and the risk of subsequent failure and immense loss that await you at the end.
I recommend that you do two things before you make critical decisions such as marriage, divorce, changing career and pursuing course of study etc.
1.         Take counsel on the part played by Lord Saturn in your cosmic profile.
2.         Thereafter do a cosmic analysis of your body, mind and spirit to find out how you can neutralize or minimise malefic effects as well as enhance and improve the beneficial effects of Lord Saturn.
Muthu Ashraff
Cosmic Adviser
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