Thursday, 16 June 2016

How to handle Recurring Dreams?

Recurring dreams are dream scenes that occur fairly frequently in adult life. Most people who dream the same dream again and again tend to ignore it after waking up. Few wonder what is this all about and then forget about it. Intelligent dreamers search for the meaning and interpretation of these recurring dreams. Here are few tips for these intelligent ones as to how to handle these recurring dreams:
If you experience lot of repetitive dreams close to the time of your waking up you can ignore these. Called as lucid dreams these are the results of your conscious mind going through the motion of collecting, analysing and interpreting data in your working life.
When you begin to sleep you move from one sleep cycle to another. When you reach the dream sleep cycle you experience rapid eye movement. Called as “REM sleep” during this cycle your heart-rate speeds up so are the brain waves. The brain sends out alpha waves with a speed of 8 to 13 cycles per second. You spend around 10 to 60 minutes in dream stage. If you experience recurring dreams during this cycle that means your sub-conscious mind is messaging you and repeating the message over and over again till you respond to it. For example, you often dram a smart Alec in town. This basically means you need that role model for your personal development.
Now during this dream sleep something else can happen. Your spirit can enter your dream and forewarn of something likely to take place. You ignore the message from the spirit at your peril. Here is an illustration. A tree cutter was hired to cut a magnificent tree. As he started chopping the branches he saw a passer yelling at him to cut only branches and leave the tree. He just ignored him and finished sawing it to the bottom. As he fell sleep in the night he saw a heavily built man pointing his finger saying “you destroyed my dwelling”. This dream was repeated three consecutive nights at the same time. On the fourth day morning as he was packing his tools and saw he saw the man who appeared in his dream looking at him. He died instantly of heart failure.
Whenever you have recurring dreams it is better to take care and do a cosmic analysis involving your body, mind and spirit so that you can respond to dreams where your spirit plays a part.
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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Does your Spirit Cross Boundaries?

If it does then, you are one of the premium members of exclusive club of movers and shakers. All those captains of industry and commerce today emerged because at one point they decided to push up the boundaries in their studies and work. Storming the norm is the hall mark of successful entrepreneurs. A word of caution: you have to learn about testing the boundaries:
Boundaries are there staring at you at every moment of your life. Some of them are mandated by law and morality, others are dictated by ethics and etiquette. Codes of discipline prevails in professions, so are the norms of society that abhor taboos. We feel at least, our thoughts are free of these restrictions. However, some monotheistic philosophies consider even the thought of having alternate super power as sacrilegious. May be that is why most of those who challenged boundaries are atheists.
Undoubtedly, every person has some urge to break out from the barriers. Consciously or unconsciously we all are influenced by what Jalaluddin Rumy wrote centuries ago: “I am neither of East nor of the West; no boundary exists within my breast”.  Science and technology is the proof of the pudding for those who venture out innovating, re-learning and re-engineering. They had one thing in common: a spirit that urged them to do so against all the odds in the form of challenges and threats from society at large and the industry to which they belong in particular. Their experience can be summarised below:
1.         Know the present boundary, its scope and details
2.         Assess what they can do best and what they cannot do best
3.         Understand the border line between reality and fantasy
4.        Convince that whatever done in pushing up the boundary is not illegal
5.         Push the boundary away, driven by dream and dedication
6.         Be ready to put up with opposition from every quarter
7.         Implement the new idea, item or action passionately
8.         Whether it is success or failure never give up
You can find out whether you have a spirit that can cross the boundaries, it is easily done by preparing a cosmic analysis of your body, mind and spirit. Once you know how your spirit operates you can cross the boundary successfully.

Muthu Ashraff
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Monday, 4 April 2016

Are You Fox or Hedgehog?

A Greek parable says that the fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing. I have penned down features of fox as well as hedgehog. Check where you fit in:
1.    A generalist, who knows many things, not necessarily in depth, drawn from variety of ideas and experience
2.     Collect lot of info related to the purpose from outside and do a complex analysis of all these to identify choices or alternatives
3.     Always look for a broader pattern and picture and search for the best plan or strategy that can succeed
4.     Pursue after many ideas or things so that even if one fails the other one can succeed
5.     Do everything in a nonchalant manner
6.     More concerned about position, market-share and turnover.
1.     A specialist who knows one thing so well
2.     Collect quite a few info relevant to the purpose from outside and inside and do a simple spot analysis to arrive at the choice
3.     Always go for a narrow pattern and picture and perch on plan or strategy that one can do best
4.     Simple yet defining mission to work on, for greater success
5.     Do everything passionately
6.     More concerned about survival, cash-flow and profitability.
Depending on the type of career or business you are in you can be either fox or hedgehog. The brass fact is that sometimes combining features of both can make a big impact. In any case, you would better do a cosmic analysis of your body, mind and spirit to assess whether you should follow either fox or hedgehog or decide to don the skins of both.
Keep talking!               
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Monday, 28 March 2016

Are you a Ladder Holder?

A ladder holder is a person who advices and assists ladder climbers to go higher in life, career and business. Other than getting the satisfaction of seeing people through to their achieving goals and ends successfully, ladder holder is left with nothing for himself in terms of material wealth. Check the following cosmic analysis of ladder holder to see whether you fit in:
Ladder holders are often communicative people with a high felicity in written and spoken word. They give clear advice, concise instruction and useful hints. All these they do in simple yet in persuasive language with illustrations if needed. At times they can crack jokes pregnant with deep meaning. Rarely do they become angry or annoyed with ladder climbers. When that happens, they make it just a temporary one and are back in form as usual.
An important feature of ladder holders is that they can easily sync body, mind and spirit. This helps them to be visionaries and at the same time imbue upon climbers the sense of practicality. They do this urging ladder climbers to have larger than life goals. They often say “Aim at the stars so that you can reach the Moon”.
Ladder holders are good at blending strategy with tactics and follow your moves on every rung you step on. At any time you falter or lose balance or keep the wrong foot they come with a snappy remark to keep you on track. As proven guides they have their eyes on everything and often give summary advice so that climbers are well focussed.
A smiling and pleasant countenance is the hall mark of any ladder holder. You can spot them easily in a meeting or in an audience with facial features that invite you to look at them and in turn they are ever so willing to listen to you and encourage you to talk about you, your life and goals. They are friendly, helpful and often express their willingness to help you sort out your issues.
Ladder holders are plenty amongst academic staff and in service oriented industries. Style & fashion, music & theatre, life & entertainment, clothing & apparels are key industries where you can bump into ladder holders.  Sports is another area where you spot them. High-risk career such as airline pilot and business like trading & investment in stocks & shares are full of ladder holders.
Muthu Ashraff
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