Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Seven Tips to keep Your Daily Routine Doable

No matter what, stick to your daily routine strictly, because all successful people are doing so. Even for those in the creative fields such as arts and fashion one thing that drives them: a strict daily routine that moves in serial and sequential order. Based on cosmic analysis, I sketch here seven tips on making daily routine doable and enjoyable.

1.         Internalize in your thoughts that a daily routine you do, get things done for you in easy manner without wasting much of your time. You gain practice by doing this and discipline yourself all along.

2.         Plan your 24-hour day to fit into your schedules in terms of seven sub –areas: work, rest &sleep, exercise, eating & drinking, readying & travelling, socializing and finally reflecting & reviewing. Each of you will have different time allocation for each of the seven sub-areas listed.

3.        To bring each activity under sub-areas you can plan your routine in time-barred sequential order. For example, see the following chart for your morning schedule:

Rise 4.30 a.m.
Drink water one litre or more in few breaks
Meditate or do desk work in your bedroom
Have your breakfast one, at 6.00 a.m. with morning tea or coffee along with fruits
Exercise for half an hour
Washing and readying for the day
Have breakfast two, that, supplies you plenty of nutrients for the morning work
Travel to office
At 9.00 a.m. you are at your workstation

4.         An afternoon siesta is always good if you are over 35 years and have done load of work to be eligible for this rest. Do not exceed 20 minutes nap.
5.         Whenever you are tired, take little rest, do some breathing exercise, relax once again and get back to your routine.

6.         While managing your daily routine you will tend to get outside obstruction as well as inside interruption. Show needed flexibility for each time you are off the track but do not get overwhelmed to the point of abandoning your daily routine. Once these breaks are tied over get back to your daily routine religiously.

7.         Reflecting & reviewing must be done daily in late evenings, when you are free, relaxed and after couple of shots to keep you in merry mood. Now go through the activities that were done during the day and pass judgement on your performance. Thereafter, plan for tomorrow and do some adjustment in adding or subtracting an item or giving more or less time for one activity. For example. If you intend to do canvassing business in downtown shopping complex, you can cut down the time for exercise in the morning to give you sufficient stamina.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Nine Reasons Why Marriages Fail

It is estimated that nearly 40 per cent of marriages end in some form of failure. I have analysed nine reasons for marriage failure and traced these into three broad areas: Body, mind and spirit. Here is my take:

Body Analysis

1.         Inadequacy of sexual fulfillment is the number one reason in body analysis. For males, it might have been caused by high degree of promiscuity, erectional issues or early ejaculation along with excessive usage of drugs and liquor. For females, it can vary from seasonal fluctuation in libido to frigidity.
2.         Non - responsiveness to stimulation by either party is the second most important cause affecting marriage in the body side. Major symptom is that when one party initiates the other party withdraws. Immaturity on the part of one spouse or both along with wrong match in terms of partner selection contribute to this malady.
3.         High break out ratio of body in sustaining physical intimacy is the third reason for marriage failure. As a result, either or both party give up having close relationship with each other. It can be further traced into balance in elements, temper, yin and yang, physical fitness and so on.

Mind Analysis

4.         Unrealistic level of expectation is the number one reason flagged in mind analysis. Either or both party jack up the expectation to unimaginable level and often be disappointed when it is not forthcoming. For example, celebrity marriages take place with high expectation on both sides starting with a bang and finally ending with a whimper. Symptoms are aggressiveness on the part of one matched equally by isolation on the part of other.
5.         Lack of equal commitment to make marriage a success is the second reason shown in mind analysis. This results in symptoms such as turning away from the spouse, monosyllable answer to queries from spouse or use of abusive or unacceptable language in communication.
6.         No emotional balance between spouses is a key reason for marriage failure. If marriages to work well both parties must realize that, they are dependent upon each other on emotional well being. When such a bulwark is not available, partners tend to lose commitment to keep the marriage on and allow it to lapse.

Spirit Analysis

7.         Selfish spirit is the key reason in that wrecks an otherwise workable marriage. Being selfish is often accompanied by being egoistic. When one partner puts his interest first and sacrifice the common interest on the altar, surely marriage cannot last.
8.         Sly and cheating spirit is the next most despicable one that cause havoc in marriage. Most sly and cheating spirits abandon lawfully wedded spouse in favour of charlatans or pleasure seekers and often engage in unsavoury liaison tending towards painful failure.
9.         Sex craving spirit on the other hand does not normally flirt with outsiders but engage in voyeurism or wild imagination of sexual fantasy. A key ingredient in such a spirit is, that it engages in what we call as blame game where the other spouse is blamed for the failure of marriage or shows tendency to watch porn films with or without the presence of other spouse to spite him or her.

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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Why Your Head is important?

The head is what a man is because your head is pitched upward and to the north. It occupies the first and top point for attention in undertaking cosmic analysis. Head analysis is key in understanding who you are and how you would behave. Here are few highlights:

1.         Head has fourteen body parts all of them are visible. They are grouped in four segments as hereunder:

Upper Segment: Head, Hair, Forehead, Ears
Face Segment: Eyebrow, Eyes, Nose, Philtrum
Mouth Segment: Lips, Teeth, Tongue,
Lower Segment: Chin, Cheek, Neck

2.         Upper segment goes round the body; you look at the shape of head, the colour and texture of hair, observe the forehead and thence review the ears. Whereas face segment shows the front upper parts ending with the philtrum, a vertical groove above the upper lip but below the nose. Mouth segment delves deep from the outer lips to get inside the mouth to observe teeth and tongue in a row. In the lower segment, you find chin and cheek as more connected than eye and eyebrow. Neck stands out; moreover, it connects the head to the torso.

3.         Overall, head conveys much personal cosmics of a person than any other limb. We can learn about his beliefs, attitudes and conduct. It also details his position, power, fortune and sexual potency.

4.         It is futile to look at one part of the body, say eye and pass judgement upon a person. We generally relate and compare two or three body parts to find out characteristics of a person. A fundamental principle underlying comparison is that, the part and whole are related to each other and study of each derive us to draw meaningful conclusions.

5.         An example of two-part analysis is comparing hair with the shape of the head. An angular head with curly hair indicates a pathfinder while rounded hair with curly hair conveys a brilliant administrator

6.         Three part analysis is used to detect logic and ethics in a person. By comparing ear, eye and nose together, we can find out the relationship with logical mind and ethical conduct. If you run a line-connecting top of the ear to the eye and if the line slants upward he is more logical person. Thereafter, you can draw a line connecting his lobe of the ear to the bottom of the nose. If this line is straight then the subject is highly ethical in conduct.


Muthu Ashraff
Cosmic Adviser
Mobile:   +94 777 265677
E-mail:    cosmicgems@gmail.com