Monday, 23 January 2017

Seven ways to counter black magic

Invoking evil spirits or supernatural powers to bring harm to someone is considered as black magic. In this way the normal functioning of body and mind of a target person undergoes severe and noticeable changes. The victim loses total control of himself in his thought, speech and action.
In most cases black magic is done by a perpetrator upon a victim due to reasons such as jealousy, anger or disappointment with him. Like anything on earth black magic lasts only for a certain period and could be countered by suitable actions. In general, there are seven ways you can counter black magic:
1.         Clean –up your home or office of old items specially the wooden ones or rusted trunks. Dust-up your wardrobes and bureaus and sprinkle saffron water into four corners of the rooms
2.         Rear a domestic animal such as cat, dog and mongoose. Station the pet in close proximity to either front or rear entrance
3.         Leave a handful of basil leaves on a vessel and keep it opposite the main door and diffuse performance such as vetiver in front and rear portions of your dwelling
4.         Light a candle made of frankincense with myrrh at sunset; alternatively you can burn in a censer a mixture of frankincense, myrrh and benzoin resin over semi-burnt charcoal
5.         Wear a bracelet/amulet made of an alloy of copper, silver and zinc
6.         Make supplication to gods, Shiva, Ganesh or Hanuman. Alternatively you can pray to planets Mars or Saturn for protection
7.         Finally, you can do meditation known as deprecatory meditation where you dwell on the concept of impermanency of life and the black magic too, and seek deliverance from the black magic and those who were behind such horrendous deed.
The above recommendations are of general nature. There are two aspects you must understand before ever attempting these remedies. Firstly, you would better find out whether there is an instance of black magic done. Most so called victims are to a degree paranoid and assume or imagine that there is black magic done against them. Secondly, you have to study your circumstance thoroughly by doing a cosmic analysis of your body, mind and spirit so that additional counter measures could be taken along with the general ones listed above.
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Friday, 20 January 2017

Ten signs showing you are under a spell

When a person is not in total control of himself in his thought, speech and action he must be either suffering from schizophrenia or got entangled under some kind of enchantment done by another person. We generally call the latter as “under a spell” or black magic.
Except in few cases such as you are under the spell of your wife in conducting family affairs, most enchantments are traced to some evil intent. Having done cosmic analysis of body, mind and spirit of such cases I am jotting out ten tell – tale signs that you are under a spell:
1.         Suddenly you are prone to mishaps and accidents
2.         You fail in miserably in your study, work output and in handling business transactions. You relationship with partner, spouse and children get strained for reasons unknown. You are often tripping while walking and dropping things out of your hand, even the wine glass that you take towards the lip
3.         Of late, you eat more than usual and drink more liquids, yet feel that you are still thirsty as well as hungry
4.         Lot of uncalled for movements take place in your surroundings; you move house without apparent reason and change your career/job just for the sake of it
5.         Bulges in your body are noticed; you get pimples and swellings which your dermatologist dismisses casually. Often you feel the body aches a lot and energy gushes out leaving a sense of being enervated
6.         Mind is in restless zone now. Stream of thoughts are running across your mind and you feel that you need to hold on to something to straighten your mind! Mind almost goes into whirlwind and you rush to the sofa or bed to park yourself. Many get into lows and depressions that debilitate
7.         Your spirit is in low and not getting engaged with you. You think that either the spirit is not willing or not in capacity to support you. This can be extremely unpleasant when you begin to make love and give up leaving your partner bitter and frustrated
8.         You are now ignored by friends and colleagues. You are just an “also ran “person in office. In business your customers look at you awkwardly as if you are an alien visitor from the Mars
9.         When you go to bed you just cannot catch enough sleep. Nightmare, bad dream and sudden wake up leave you listless and exhausted. And by the time you must wake up you are frightened and think it would be better to apply for leave. Moreover, you feel fear running in your spine and you try to shun sunlight often covering your face. At this point you are in crouching stance on the bed or under the bed
10.       Finally, you get uncanny feeling that something bad is going to happen to you today or already happened to your near and dear persons.
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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

How to develop your mind?

The centrality of mind in human emotion and behaviour is well documented in religion and psychology. Feeling happy or sad and acting peacefully or forcefully arise as a reflection of your own mind.  The supreme master, Lord Buddha said succinctly: “Every phenomenon arises from the mind, if you understand your mind you understand every phenomena”. One way to understand the mind is to develop it in a disciplined manner. Here is how you can do this:
You can sit somewhere and relax. Now close your eyes and breathe effortlessly. Thereafter, you do this easy method introduced by Lord Buddha. Known as Samatha Bhavana. It helps you enhance the power of mind so that it is aware of everything around you and thereafter facilitates you in journeying towards peace.
Ostensibly, there are two stages in developing your mind. One is to activate the mind to its highest potential and the next is to make it inactive and still so that your mind becomes peaceful. In order to make your mind peaceful you have to go through three steps. First one is to create an awareness of an issue you have right now. Second is to concentrate on what you understand as the ramifications of the issue and then arrive at a conclusion. Now that you have reached the conclusion the third step requires you to make your mind tranquil.
For example, let us assume that you are suffering from heightened anxiety. As the first step you accept that this anxiety is there but can be taken care of. Secondly, you analyse what causes this anxiety and how it is affecting your life and career. Thereafter you come to a conclusion that if you take the right steps you can neutralize or nullify the existence of this anxiety. Once you are sure of how to solve your issue your mind is peaceful, and still. As you agree, the primary purpose of Samatha bhavana is stillness of mind and is often compared to an illuminating light that is static.
A cosmic analysis of your body, mind and spirit will shed light on connected aspects of Samatha Bhavana such as breathing, duration, timing, and individually tailored method for you to make this Bhavana meaningful to you.
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