Monday, 23 November 2015

What is the difference between Personal & Spiritual Development?

When we say personal development, it is all about your success in achieving a life of plenty.  Spiritual development, on the other hand trains you to be in peace with you, in peace with others and finally in peace with the nature. Here is a succinct statement on both personal and spiritual development.
Personal Development :    The first thing you need to do in personal development is synchronizing your body with your mind. Unless both are in sync, you will become one-dimensional man. We see body builders, most of whom are unable to control their emotions. In similar fashion, we see brilliant mind in sick & skinny shape. Under the gamut of personal development there are so many topics discussed. Chief among these are developing personality, health & energy, personal branding, goal setting, problem solving, decision- making, managing relationship, romance, family life, career elevation, business progress, social interaction and enjoying life. As you notice these are on the material side of your life. In sum, in personal development, the overall goal self-actualization and the overarching theme is abundance.

Spiritual Development  :        You go a step forward in spiritual development by synchronizing your mind with your spirit. Unlike in the case of personal development, you are more concerned with spiritual aspects in your life. It begins with your awareness of your personae, potential, energy and thereafter elevates you to higher level of consciousness. You understand and harness your person, power and energy within you in order to make connection with the cosmic world lying there for you. In spiritual development, the overall goal is self-realization and the overarching theme is peace.

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