Friday, 10 March 2017

Eight qualities of Saturday born

Saturday born are unique persons. After completing cosmic analysis of body, mind and spirit on those born on Saturdays, I trace eight distinct qualities. Incidentally two pointers: Lord Saturn is in exaltation on Saturday and that he represents the number 8.
1.         All those born on Saturdays have high degree of polarity. They are either benefactors or destructors. They may be secular or ascetic; they create awe in you or the perception that they are not men of significance
2.         Most of them honour Saturdays via worship and rest. As the day of commemoration of all souls they visit places of worship on this day. Secondly they consider Saturday as the day of rest keeping with avowed tradition. In the Christian thought Lord Jesus was resting in the tomb on the Saturday
3.         Lot of good things happen to them on days where the total is 7, 8 or 9. Whereas the days totalling numbers 1, 2 and 3 are not favourable to them
4.         Modesty and moderation are twin traits displayed by them in equal measure. Their dresses are neither flashy nor drub. In thought, speech and in action they convey a delectable sense of moderation. This extends to what they eat and drink too
5.         Balanced personality is the key characteristic that defines Saturday born. They always take the middle path. Although they tend to avoid controversy and conflict they are not to be brow beaten by an antagonist. Because they lie low for the moment and strike back at the right time and with apt force to make short work of their nemesis
6.         As well-grounded person they are practical, professional and press on with high degree of perfection in whatever assignment given to them. In doing this, they are at the good books of the superiors, at cross hair with peers and elicit grudging nod from the subordinates
7.         Loyalty and responsibility go hand in hand with them.  They give top priority to the goals of the organization and put shoulder to the wheel in getting things move. These twin aspects earn them the rubric” the organization man”. They are the ones who define, path-find and make a great success of plans and projects in modern business enterprises
8.         Finally, they have immense cosmic power. J K Rowling creator of Harry Potter, Madonna the singer who brought style and sensation to pop music and George Clooney whose on-the- screen and off-the- screen life magnetize millions of fans through the world are key celebrities born on Saturday with remarkable cosmic power.
Muthu Ashraff
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Monday, 6 March 2017

Drive out hatred from your heart

Expelling bad thoughts is beneficial to everyone. Unless you drive out hatred that resides in your heart it makes you a mentally sick person. This blog post illustrates how hatred is undoing all your good work and how you can effectively send the feelings of hate out, forever.
Cosmic analysis of body, mind and spirit of those who hate others reveal the following negative consequences:
1.         Hatred rents a big piece of the heart free of charge. But for you it is a big cost to maintain hatred in your system. One disadvantage is that positive thoughts are outnumbered by negative ones. Second aspect is that hatred prevails in every thought running in you and robs the prominence you should have given to good thoughts that have the potential in turning your life better. For example, you show more and more intolerance towards people, ideas and behaviour.
2.         The debilitating effect of hatred is the way you lose optimism and get into dark region where images such as Introvert, self-seeker and spoiler dominate. These images function as chains on your feet stumping progress and bricks around your neck burdening you with heavy weight.
3.         Fear syndrome dawns with hatred. Even a minor sound or incident brings forth panic, or anxiety. Terrified, your lose balance and begin to tumble for example, tripping over steps and dropping domestic tools such as spoon and fork. Moreover you feel guilty conscious that you are doing what is unbecoming of you. A good example is using expletives and hate language. Finally hatred makes your internal suffering too excruciating so much that you tend to shut people from your life.
By adopting the following measures you will be able to expel hatred towards another person.
1.         Develop the idea of controlling your chain of thoughts. You can do this in two ways: one is to move from subjective approach to objective style. For example, when you feel emotional just think of numbers or figures. Think of the fat salary that you can receive if you get a raise or visualize a celebrity figure whose image elicits affection.
2.         Empathize with the person whom you hate now. Get into his shoes and ponder as to how he would react to your own hatred. In most cases those whom you hate are not hating you. Instead they have liking towards you. Let this liking blossom into love by reciprocating them with affection. Over time you see hatred vanishing from you. Additionally meditate whenever you are free to pass your lovingness to others including people whom you hate now.
3.         Build self – confidence. Whenever hatred strikes the negative cord in your heart think that you have the grit and confidence to drive it out. Thereafter, you do either or both of the recommendations below:
a)         Think something else. Dwell on the brighter and happy side of your past life. The way you played soccer or baseball.  Or think of the melody of country and western music
b)         Say hello or send text messages to the person whom you hate or if permitted by your finance send him a gift with love.
Muthu Ashraff
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Friday, 3 March 2017

Why silent and listen go together?

It is all in the alphabet. Both these words silent and listen have the same letters in English language, of course, arranged differently: S I L E N T. When you are silent you listen well and understand well. Here is my take on the subject of silent and listen analysed by each letter.
S:         This letter stands for Synchronization. When you are silent you tend to sync your body, mind and spirit in optimum manner. In the body side your ears are listening and your mouth speaks a point or two where necessary. On the mind side you are attentive and free of distorting thoughts. In cosmic analysis, bringing your spirit early on helps synchronizing.
I:          Standing for Inner voice, this letter gives you the ability to get signals from your inner mind.  As the process of listening goes on you get intimation, guides, hints, prompts and clues from your inner mind so that you can clarify a point here and clear a doubt there. This type of mind prodding is the ultimate skill most successful corporate leaders possess.
L:         Of course, this letter stands for listening. But not the mundane, pedestrian and verbal flow of words and statements uttered by the talker. Here it is about listening to what is unsaid. Similar to your listening to your inner voice, you develop the skill of listening to matters un-said by the talker. In sum, you are reading his mind and thoughts running in him which he is not spewing out but keeps close to his chest. Most people talk and they say they are frank about it. The point is, that they keep many things in their sleeves. When you are silent, you can hear what thoughts are simmering in their mind.
E:         Enumeration is what is meant by this letter. Most people do not talk in logical or sequential manner. They are not going to list item in any intelligible order. They meander, digress, and say many things imprecisely. It is your duty to enumerate the points they are talking about in logical sequence so that you get the hang of what they are really talking about.
N:         Node is implied by this letter. You know node is an intersection between two or more branches. As a silent person you will be able to draw the nodes and connect the facts you have enumerated already and get an idea as to what the talker intends to convey.
T:         Theme is scripted by this last letter. After making the nodes, you can detect the theme which forms centrality of the subject, argument or proposition the talker has in mind, but never expressed in clear and precise way.
Here is an assignment for you. Donald Trump says the mantra “America First” wherever goes. Be silent and listen to his lecture. Follow the SILENT frame of analysis explained above. Can you tell me what he really means by this catch phrase?
Muthu Ashraff
Cosmic Adviser
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