Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Matteo Salvini, Master in Managing Contrast

Every politician does rope walking between two opposing goals. But few do this in style. Matteo Salvini of Italy is one such politician who excel in managing contrast. The fortune of his party in Italy, Lega Nord has catapulted from a measly 4% vote bank in 2013 when he took over to a whopping 16% within a couple of years. How did he do that?
The rise of Matteo Salvini has silenced many of his critics. When he took over the reins of Lega Nord (English equivalent Northern League) it was just a minor party active in the Northern Italy campaigning for secession from Italy. It elicited meagre electoral success. So when the critics said that he is officiating the last journey of Lega Nord, none disputed it. But within two years the party has arisen from the ashes to be a contender for power at national level.
When I did a cosmic analysis of body, mind and spirit of Matteo Salvini, I found that his secret of success is anchored on his conscious mind where he uses a combination of analytical thinking and situational leadership to manage two mutually opposing ends in a unique style of contrast management. Here are six pieces of evidence to prove my thesis:
1.         Originally a left winger Salvini has embraced far-right policies going with the current trend in Europe. Having elected as Member of European Parliament from North-west Italy he quickly formed a union with like-minded politicians such as Geert Wilders of Netherlands and Marine Le Pen of France. The combined strength of them is translated into 38 Members in European Parliament. This grouping is named as “Europe of Nations & Freedom”.
2.         A drop-out of University of Milan where he read history, Salvini has become master of publicity. He relishes his skills in presenting his bearded face with charming smile going along in free style to attract wide attention from young and the old. Talk shows, social media and glossy magazines carry his message to the youth and sundry. He also attends Milan Men’s wear fashion show and other public gatherings to attract attention.
3.         His campaign slogan for the European Parliamentary election of 2014 is “Basta Euro (Out of Euro)” but he is not Eurosceptic at all. He seeks New Europeanism based on the principles of federalism, freedom and people oriented economic policies. He wants to clip the wings of Brussels bureaucracy by giving powers to European Parliament. He says President of European Commission that oversees the affairs of EU must be elected by direct votes and that European Central Bank must be the lender of last resort.
4.         He stands for family values and opposes the notion of same-sex marriage. In contrast he also calls for legalization of brothels.
5.         He welcomes immigration from outside Italy and wants to open doors to people from Europe or elsewhere who nurture Judeo-Christian heritage but opposes Muslim immigrants who have better eligibility in terms of education and other criteria.
6.         He opposes sanctions against Russia and at the same time seeks to foster economic and political relationship with Eastern Europe despite the fact that such relationship could bring economic disasters to Italy. Two of the main pointers are: cheap labour from the East and the social overheads in training and equipping them to work in Italy.
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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Marine Le Pen, French President in the making

“Nothing can stop us now” trumpeted Marine Le Pen as the news came in of her party National Front (French: Front Nationol or FN) garnering 28% of the votes cast in the Regional elections held in December 2015. Almost 6.8 million voters have endorsed FN as the party of their choice. This heralds a new era in French politics and for Marine a new role as the President in waiting. What is making her to scale the height? Read for answer:
When I did a cosmic analysis of her body, mind and spirit I found two salient features:  An active sub-conscious mind and as concomitant, presence of solar and lunar energy in equal measure  enabling her to access info and sentiments stored in sub-conscious mind and use it effectively.
Possessed with a strong and active sub-conscious mind, Marine perceives that the elites from the Republican group and Socialist group who were alternating in holding the office of French presidency are crumbling. Trained as a lawyer and having twin experience of representing illegal immigrants in French courts as well as accompanying her father and founder of FN in campaigns and meetings, Marine has developed a strong sense of proportion in that the FN is viscerally hates Immigrants. This juxtaposition has influenced her sub-conscious mind to see the opposite spectrums in clear light. Her mastery in retrieving info from sub-conscious mind and reflecting upon the issues she faces and then to make decision is the need of the hour for French presidency.
On the other hand, the equilibrium of solar - lunar energy in her results in the toughening of external and softening of internal dimensions. She has a steely voice hardened with traumas she underwent when the flat in Paris the family lived went down in flames due to a blast in 1972 and caring femininity arising from her mother running away with another person leaving her and sisters in 1984. Needless to say these two events made her sub-conscious mind working like a rover engine.

Here are few of her major achievements dictated by her sub-conscious mind and equilibrium of solar lunar energy:

1.         Her progression within the FN is tremendous. Joining in 1986 she has risen to be the leader of the party in 2011. In the last presidential election held in 2012 she received 18% of the votes cast elevating her and party FN to national status.
2.         She de-demonized the party from one that was considered as racial, anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi outfit to one that is nationally acceptable. Since 2010 her battle cry is that the FN is for the whole French people which made Jewish people to join the party ranks. She did not hesitate to expel her father and founder president of FN in 2015 for his anti-Semitic utterance.
3.         She has orchestrated her image as national leader through media briefings and television appearances and radio talk shows effectively. Prestigious television channels interview her on national level questions and her answers are appealing to the wider public.

Here are few pointers of her policy and goals:

1.         She believes in “Greater Europe” that includes Russia with whom she wants to re-set French relationship. She is willing to accommodate Turkey in EU on privileged partnership and Ukraine as an associate of EU.
2.         She endorses the views of French Noble Laurate, Economist Maurice Allais on abolishing Euro as single currency, Tone down globalization and protection against uncontrolled free trade are two of her wish lists.
3.         Her social-economic goals include the preservation of current social security programme with suitable modifications and controlling the avalanche of immigrants. She says the policy on immigrants must be based on “French citizenship shall be either inherited or merited”.
4.         Two of her political-military goals are: quitting NATO and not intervening in military expedition unless it poses existential threat to French security. Sounds familiar!

Are we going to see the second Charles De Gaulle in the form of Marine Le Pen”?

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Friday, 12 August 2016

Geert Wilders, Structured Thinker with Huge Mind Power

Making political waves and controversies is not the only reason why there is strong support for Geert Wilders in Netherlands. For example, the party founded by him The Freedom Party or in its Dutch name of Poortij Voor de Vrijheid (PVV) has 24 Members in the present parliament third largest one. The steady rise of the party and the man behind it, has warranted a deep study of Geert wilders.
When I did a cosmic analysis of his body, mind and spirit, I found the real reason for his good showing: A powerful conscious mind that works in structured thinking.  He uses step-by-step approach in going through matters. He follows methodical system of study, listen, observe, collate, reflect and thereafter make his pronouncements known and policies drawn. At a given moment his thinking process involves problem definition, listing of underlying causes, assessing impact, generating alternatives and finally choosing the ones that optimize the interest of a his Freedom Party, Netherlands, and thence Europe as a whole. One of the paradigm he identified and working on now is the challenge facing Europe over clash of culture, emanating from the Muslim Extremism. Here is the template and details to fill-in:
1.         Preserving the Dutch culture is paramount duty as it guarantees freedom and independence which are key European values which Netherlands represent and nurtures. Therefore, any deviation in public life goes against the grain and must be eliminated. Wearing of Burqa by Muslim women, Halal system of food are two examples cited by him for guillotining. Moreover, any attempt to run a parallel cultural system along with the Dutch culture must be nipped in the bud. Opening of religious schools known as Madrasas to offer general study along with religious one to indoctrinate Muslims must be cut off.
2.         Sanitizing Muslim extremism must begin with locking-up of the returning jihadists to Holland as well as controlling the flow of immigrants from Middle East and elsewhere. Wilders consider this as a “Trojan horse” and on this count he opposes the Schengen scheme of the European Union that permits such uncontrolled immigration.
3.         Socio-economic policy of Netherlands requires building a free and independent society as far as it does not get into grey areas or sometime extremely dangerous zones with ugly twists and turns. His stand for freedom of expression and liberal values was threatened by two incidents. One is the murder of Pim Fortuyn who described Islam as a backward religion and the other is the slaying of Dutch film maker Theo Van Gogh who touched the raw nerves of Islamic intolerance.
4.         Safeguarding political philosophy of tolerant society, demands that never to tolerate the intolerant. His famous one liner goes as: “Intolerate the intolerant”. Wilders postulated that Islam is synonymous with intolerance and it is not the religion that he hates but the theology of the religion. His film “Islamic War against the World & Me” runs this theme and portrays how it destroys the fabric of tolerance as a political philosophy. By nature he is not cast as a man of hatred. He often criticizes anti-Semitists and ridicules the likes of Marine Le Pen or Jorg Haider as fascists. He considers Muslims conforming to the laws of Holland as good citizens. His grudge was against those who follow Islamic ideology. His one liner goes as: “I do not hate Muslims; I hate their ideology”.
5.         Finally, he has rubbished the oft-held European notion that Turkey is the sentry that guards Europe from armed or un-armed invasion. Latest episodes involving immigrants and Turkey proved Wilders is right. Instead of Turkey he considers Jerusalem as the sentry and presents Israel as the grand protector. Having visited the country 40 times in 25 years he should know better!
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