Thursday, 10 December 2015

Seven Types of Life

Every person has opportunity to go through seven types of life. Depending on each person and his personality, he might go through all seven types or fewer than this number.
There are two broad divisions in your life structure: one is private and the other is public. The borderline between private life and public life is very thin. For example, family life and married life though in theory relate to your private affairs, details of these lives can come under the public scrutiny too. Likewise, social life, career life, business life primarily rest on public domain with significant connotations on your private side as well. Spiritual life is the only life, where you have full autonomy to keep it either private or public. Let me give you a broad-brush stroke of the seven types of life.
Private life:     This part of life is for you and only known to you, unless you brag about your private life with others. There are traits, trivialities, tends, trends and temper tantrum unique to you which you are well aware of. Moreover, you possess beliefs, attitude, behaviour, skills and capacity building which are partly private and partly public.
Family life:      This part relates to your parents, home, upbringing and teenage. During adolescence, you are advised, directed and monitored by your parents and elders. Once you are married, your family life gets a different name as married life.
Social life:       Man is a social animal goes the saying. Your interactions with members other than your kith and kin come under the hammer of social life. This begins when you join the kindergarten and continue along in school, college, work place and every other situation where you interact with another person or event. Romance and relationship could flower in any of these situations.
Career life:      When you have to earn money, you must find the means of doing that.
Getting into a job is the one many people resort to after graduation. In the career life, you work with bosses, peers and subordinates to attain the targets set in your job profile and earn salary for your upkeep. Alternatively, you can start a profession in a chosen field and either join fellow professionals in a partnership or go solo. You get either or both salary and profit in this segment.
Business life:   If you are risk taker, you will move into a business in partnership with likeminded people or start your own venture. The higher the risk the higher the profit or even loss. Business life unlike a career is a 24-hour occupation and you must have the guts to sacrifice pleasure for business.
Married Life:  When you get married, you lose your bachelor’s degree and the bride gets the master’s degree. You are sentenced to life imprisonment euphemistically known as married life. Trials and travails weigh on you. As children are born, you swing back and forth with added responsibilities such that your married life mutate to another form of family life.
Spiritual life:  At last, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once you get into spiritual life, you awaken yourself and understand the purpose of your life, feel satisfied as human being and finally sense contentment.  Most of your negatives, worries and stress associated with these, are gone and peace begins to prevail.
The thread that connects all seven types of life is your personal cosmics. These are characteristics imprinted in you, due to genetics, upbringing, environment and personality. These aspects reside within you shaping and influencing your progress through the seven types of life.  To improve each type of life and prospects, you have to understand and analyse your personal cosmics and thereafter act in a manner in consonance with them.
Muthu Ashraff
Cosmic Adviser
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