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Neodymium Magnetic Jewellery

Compact and powerful, Neodymium has become the heavily used magnet in many kinds of magnetic jewellery in spite of its relatively higher price. None the less, the price you pay is economical when compared with the magnetic strength that has been packed within Neodymium products. Find more details below...

Neodymium or “Neo Magnet” as it is popularly known was introduced in 1984 but came into everyday use very recently. It is one of the few big magnets that have been considered safe to be worn over the skin. It is made from rare earth metal Neodymium mixed with Iron and Boron. Technically it is notated as “Nd Fe B” where Neodymium is around 75%. The price of Neo magnet is high due to companies registering proprietary rights over the production process.

Used as bracelet, amulet, choker and anklet in magnetic jewellery Neo magnet has several features that make it the most desired magnet in the world:

1. Light in weight but projects higher magnetic flux density at 12, 800 Gauss which is the recorded highest for any type of magnets so far. Hence a small size neo magnet is sufficient when we are looking for Gauss strength of 3,000 or below. Today, most magnetic jewellery is made around this figure in the gem & jewellery industry

2. It does not lose magnetism over the years and has higher resistance to external magnetizing fields. This we call as Coercive Magnetic Field Strength. Consequently that Neo magnet can be exposed to other magnets without ever losing its magnetic quality. If you walk through highly magnetised environment your magnetic jewellery made of Neo magnet does not suffer loss of magnetism

3. Though Neo magnet has less resistance to corrosion this can be offset by coating Gold , Nickel and Zinc layer over it. Of late, Epoxy resin coating is also used to add anti-corrosion capability

4. Neo magnet is somewhat brittle and has lower mechanical strength yet for purposes of magnetic jewellery making this does not pose much of a challenge

5. This magnet variety has fairly low operating temperature capability. Any operating temperature over 150 degree Celsius demands extra caution.

6. Cosmics of using neo magnet is the key plus point. Unlike other type of magnets the moment you touch Neo magnet you get the feel of it running through your veins. You get so elated and float with strength of power within you. Recommended by analyst as the best magnet to balance your energy flow Neo magnet is useful in many ways in health and wellness.

7. Before opting for Neo magnet, you have to assess your personal cosmics and then determine the necessary gauss strength along with the type of wear such as bracelet.

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