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Gemstones and Fingers

Gemstones are worn mostly, set in rings on the fingers. There is a great deal of confusion on the subject of choosing a particular finger for wearing gemstones. This confusion is further confounded by many theories floating around. Before you choose the right finger for wearing your ring studded with gemstones, it would be better to have some basic ideas. Some of these are jotted down below:
1. Every gemstone is ruled by one of the nine planets on the basis of the cosmic energy generated by it. This energy or vibration as generally known is in consonance with the ruling planet’s own cosmic rays. For example the cosmic energy of Ruby is reddish in colour, giving vital strength and potency, which moves in tangent with the Sun whose spectrum of visible and non-visible rays, includes the red colour rays. The Major gemstones and their ruling planets are listed below:
Ruby - The Sun
Pearl - The Moon
Red coral - Mars
Emerald - Mercury
Yellow Sapphire - Jupiter
Diamond - Venus
Blue Sapphire - Saturn
Hessonite - Rahu (north node of the Moon)
Cat’s eye - Ketu (south node of the Moon)

2. Each planet relates to one of the five elements:
The Sun - Fire
The Moon - Water
Mars - Fire
Mercury - Earth
Jupiter - Ether/Space
Venus - Water
Saturn - Air
Rahu and Ketu are assigned the element of Air.

3. Planets are also divided into two major categories by their nature: Solar and Lunar. Solar Planets are: The Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu. Lunar Planets are: The Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus.

4. Each finger relates to one of the five elements:
Thumb - Fire
Index - Ether/Space
Middle - Air
Ring - Water
Small - Earth

5. Your hands are also classified into two major types: Solar and Lunar. Solar hand is your right one that gives out energy. Lunar hand is your left one that receives in energy. Conventionally, gemstones related to solar planets are worn on the left hand and the gemstones associated with lunar planets are worn on the right hand. This is done to facilitate the balance of energy flow to and fro your body.

6. Since thumb is not useful for wearing any rings, we have to do with only four fingers. In that case only few planets would be accommodated. Therefore, we supplement the use by looking at the concept of Mounts as indicated in Palmistry and the concept of Association of Planets.

7. The following Mounts and their respective location in the hand need to be considered:
Ø Jupiter - At the base of the Index finger
Ø Saturn - At the base of the middle finger
Ø The Sun (Apollo) At the base of the ring finger
Ø Mercury - At the base of the small finger
Ø Progressive Mars- Below the mount of Jupiter, in between index and thumb fingers and just above the Mount of Venus
Ø Regressive Mars- Below the mount of Mercury, in between Mounts of Mercury and the Moon
Ø Venus - On the right side of your palm , below the phalanx of thumb, extending up to your wrist
Ø The Moon - On the left side of your palm , below the Mount of regressive Mars, extending up to your wrist
No mounts are assigned for Rahu & Ketu

8. The concept of Association of Planets, chiefly gives out the following:
ü The Sun and Mars go together
ü Mercury and Venus are friends of Saturn
ü Rahu acts like Saturn whereas Ketu behaves as second Mars
ü The Moon has no enmity with any planets
Taking into consideration of the above it is easy to chart the gemstones and the related fingers. I recommend an easy guide. Whenever you wish to wear a particular gemstone recommended for a planet this table would help you to choose the right finger.

Table of Gemstones & Fingers
Ruby - Left hand Ring finger
Pearl - Right hand Ring & Small fingers
Red coral - Left hand Index & Ring fingers
Emerald - Right hand Middle & Small fingers
Yellow Sapphire- Right hand Index finger
Diamond - Right hand Middle & Ring fingers
Blue Sapphire - Left hand Middle & Small fingers
Hessonite - Left hand Middle & Small fingers
Cat’s eye - Left hand Middle & Ring fingers.

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